Colecalciferol [Vitamin D3]
Vitamins & Minerals

Vita-D 2000 Tablet: Each tablet conatins Colecalciferol BP 2000 I.U.
Vita-D 40000 Capsule: Each Capsule conatins Colecalciferol BP 40000 I.U.

Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is indicated in the treatment & prevention of Vitamin D3 deficiency. It is also indicated as an adjunct to specific therapy for osteoporosis in patients with vitamin D3 deficiency.

Vita-D 2000 Tablet: Each Box containing 3 x 10's Tablets in Alu-Alu blister pack.
Vita-D 40000 Capsule: Each Box containing 2 x 4's Capsule in Alu-Alu blister pack.