Vitamin C [Ascorbic acid]
Vitamins & Minerals

Eurovit-C Tablet: Each tablet contains ascorbic acid BP and sodium ascorbate BP equivalent to 250 mg of ascorbic acid BP.

Vitamin C is indicated for prevention and treatment of scurvy. It may be indicated in pregnancy, lactation, infection, trauma, burns, cold exposure, following surgery, fever, stress, peptic ulcer, cancer, methaemoglobinaemia and in infants receiving unfortified formulas. It is also prescribed for haematuria, dental caries, pyorrhea, acne, infertility, atherosclerosis, fractures, leg ulcers, hay fever, vascular thrombosis prevention, levodopa toxicity, succinyl-choline toxicity, arsenic toxicity etc. To reduce the risk of stroke in the elderly, long-term supplementation with Vitamin C is essential.

Eurovit-C Tablet: Each box containing 20 x 10's tablet in strip pack.