Vita AZ Silver

Multivitamin & Multimineral [A-Z silver preparation]
Vitamins & Minerals

Vita AZ Silver is a special formulation comprising of important Vitamins and Minerals. Each film-coated tablet contains: Vitamin A BP 5000 IU, Vitamin C BP 60 mg, Vitamin D BP 400 IU, Vitamin E USP 45 IU, Vitamin K USP 10 mcg, Thiamine Mononitrate BP 1.5 mg, Riboflavin BP 1.7 mg, Niacin BP 20 mg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP 3 mg, Folic Acid USP 400 mcg, Cyanocobalamin BP 25 mcg, Biotin USP 30 mcg, Pantothenic Acid USP 10 mg, Calcium BP 200 mg, Phosphorus USP 48 mg, Iodine USP 150 mcg, Magnesium BP 100 mg, Zinc USP 15 mg, Selenium USP 20 mcg, Copper USP 2 mg, Manganese USP 2 mg, Chromium USP 150 mcg, Molybdenum USP 75 mcg, Chloride USP 72 mg, Potassium USP 80 mg, Boron Ph. Grade 150 mcg, Nickel USP 5 mcg, Silicon USP 2 mg, Vanadium Ph. Grade 10 mcg & Lutein USP 250 mcg.

Prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, for adults over 50 years of age. It is indicated for improving the nutritional status of elderly patients.

Vita AZ Silver: Each box contains 5x10's tablets in Alu PVDC blister strips and 30's tablets in HDPE container.