Anxiolytic & Antidepressants


Xiopam: Each tablet contains Bromazepam BP 3 mg.


Xiopam is indicated for the treatment of anxiety & anxiety related to disorders like, Emotional disturbance: Acute tension and anxiety states. Difficulties in interpersonal contact. Agitation, insomnia, anxious and agitated depressive reactions.

Functional disturbance in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems: Pseudoangina pectoris, precordial anxiety, tachycardia, emotiogenic hypertension, dyspnea and hyperventilation.

Functional disturbance in the gastrointestinal system: Irritable bowel syndrome, epigastric pain, spasm, bloting diarrhoea, etc.

Functional disturbance in the genitourinary system: Frequency, Irritable bladder, and dysmenorrhea. Psychosomatic disorders: Psychogenic headache, psychogenic dermatosis, asthma, gastric & duodenal ulcer, and ulcerative colitis.

Emotional reactions to chronic organic disease. Adjuvant to psychotherapy in psychoneurosis.


Xiopam: Each box contians 5 x 10 tablets in blister packing.


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