Calcium Carbonate
Vitamins & Minerals


Eurocal: Each tablet contains Calcium Carbonate BP 1.25 gm equivalent to 500 mg of Calcium.


Eurocal (Calcium Carbonate) is used for the treatment or prevention of calcium depletion in patients in whom dietary measures are inadequate. Conditions that may be associated with calcium deficiency include hypoparathyroidism, achlorhydria, chronic diarrhea, vitamin D deficiency, steatorrhea, sprue, pregnancy and lactation, menopause, pancreatitis, renal failure, alkalosis, and hyperphosphataemia. Calcium Carbonate is being used increasingly often to treat hyperphosphataemia in chronic renal failure as well as those on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and haemodialysis. Many patients are unable to tolerate sufficient doses for complete phosphate control and require additional measures such as stringent dietary phosphate restriction or relatively small doses of aluminium hydroxide. Calcium Carbonate containing preparations can provide shortterm relief of dyspeptic systems but are no longer recommended for longterm treatment of peptic ulceration.


Eurocal: Box containing 5 x 10 tablets in blister pack.

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